Where we are

CARMAR is based in the port of Crotone and offers yacht assistance and shipping agency services for sailing and motor yachts of all sizes throughout Italy. They can book moorings, supplies and provisions, deal with paperwork, transfers, tourist information and any other request you may have while travelling along the Italian coast.

CARMAR diesel deposits in the Port of Crotone

Carmar S.r.l. has its registered office in Crotone, at Via Cristoforo Colombo, 199. The fuel supply plants and diesel depots are located in the Port of Crotone. The company is able to supply with tankers throughout Calabria and carry out bunkering operations directly from the port docks. In addition, Carmar S.r.l. assists yachts throughout Italy, providing shipping agency services, booking berths in the best marinas and organising diesel refuelling operations in all Italian and Mediterranean ports. 

The city of Crotone with its port is located in the center of the Ionian Sea, in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. A strategic position along the navigation routes. A point of union between the East and the West makes it easy to reach Greece in the East, Albania and Croatia in the North, and Malta, Sicily and the Aeolian Islands in a South-West direction.

Some places to visit and things to do from Crotone ... the city of Pythagoras!