About us

Founded in Crotone in the 1980s by engineer Carlo Tricoli, son of shipowner and shipping agent Giuseppe, Carmar S.r.l. continues a family business that has been operating since the beginning of the 20th century, working with great quality and expertise in the wholesale trade of petroleum products and in the yachting industry.

CARMAR offers a wide range of services, first of all bunkering, supply of diesel, lubricating oils and yacht assistance.

The company has three coastal fuel depots in the port of Crotone and is active both in the Porto Vecchio (Molo Sud) and in the Porto Nuovo (Molo Giunti) basins, where it is possible to accommodate and assist boats and pleasure yachts of any size. From here the CARMAR tankers leave daily to supply companies and productive activities throughout Calabria.

In fact, in August 2009, Carmar S.r.l. has built a new national diesel depot and activated a mooring point with a modern dock for the services of reception, refueling and yacht assistance on the Molo Giunti, inside the Porto Nuovo, anticipating the process of industrial restructuring and tourist conversion that will bring soon the long-awaited development of the new Marina di Crotone.

The main objective of the CARMAR Group is to ensure the utmost satisfaction of its customers, partners and guests by providing the quickest and most qualified assistance for all necessary requests on board.
The mission is to advance together.


Carmar S.r.l. it is inextricably linked to the family of its founder: Carlo Tricoli.

The Tricoli family, since the nineteenth century with the Cav. Giovanni Tricoli (1860 - 1948) and his brothers, played a central role in the development of Crotone and its Port.

In fact the company Carmar S.r.l. has its roots in the distant 1937, when the city of Crotone began to structure itself to become one of the main industrial and port centers of the South and of the entire Italian peninsula.

Among the countless entrepreneurial initiatives launched by the Tricoli family, the main ones developed in the maritime and production sector, in shipbuilding and tourism.

The '900 also ran fast in Crotone, between large projects and strong economic growth, thanks in particular to the initiative and excellent work done by entrepreneurial groups, among which the F.lli Tricoli, Giovanni's heirs, played a central role.

Among these was the Cav. Giuseppe Tricoli, who also developed the marketing of diesel fuel among his various work activities.

Just in the middle of the last century, in 1954, was born Carlo, the youngest son of Giuseppe Tricoli.

Once Carlo had completed his university studies in engineering, he returned to Crotone and founded with his wife Maria in 1985 the Carmar S.r.l. in the footsteps of his father's activity.

The company immediately focuses on the wholesale trade of petroleum products, consolidating itself as a solid reality in the Crotone and Calabria area.

In addition to supplying important companies and industrial groups with their own tankers, Carmar S.r.l. for an innate vocation and for its strategic position, it offers services to the fleet and to the boats settled or in transit from the Port of Crotone. Military and commercial ships regularly refuel at Carmar S.r.l. as well as the yachts of that time, which with their 20 - 25 meters of length appeared like real luxury ships.

In the 90s and with the beginning of the new millennium Carmar S.r.l. continues to grow its business, making internal processes more efficient and extending its sales network.

Between 2006 and 2010 Carmar S.r.l. acquires another coastal oil deposit of Duty Free diesel, inside the Porto Vecchio of Crotone, and after a few years, in 2009, it inaugurates a new and modern deposit of national diesel fuel on Molo Giunti, in the Porto Nuovo of Crotone, finally allowing new yachts, today's superyachts that now they even exceed 100 meters in length, to be replenished and assisted with high quality standards.

The Company thus begins to develop even more accurately the branch of maritime agency and concierge services for its many guests. Meanwhile, after completing the university studies of business administration and international management, in 2013 enters in the Carmar team Marco Tricoli, son of the owner Carlo.

At the end of 2018, after three years of waiting, Carmar S.r.l. obtains from the Port Authority the extension of its own Molo Giunti concession in the Porto Nuovo, and begins work in 2019 for the creation of a real mooring point for yachts and superyachts, first opening the road to the development of the marina of Crotone, which will finally bring the Pythagorean city to become a hub for tourism and a central port in the Mediterranean Sea.

Thanks to an increasingly large and qualified network of collaborators, from 2019/2020 the Carmar company will offer specialised agency and general assistance services to foreign military ships engaged in the FRONTEX mission throughout Southern Italy, taking care of all the ships' needs in all the ports of the South.

At the end of 2021 Carmar launches the brand ITA Yachting, network specialising in the management of yachts along all Italian coasts and ports.

In 2023, Carmar built the new piers of the Port of Catanzaro and in July of the same year officially opened the management of the new mooring point with 180 berths in the Catanzaro Marina.